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Photo Booth Wedding Photo

That Perfect Wedding Photo (Tips for photographer or photo booth)

Photo Booth Wedding Photo

Photo Booth Rentals Chicago, Illinois


Like it or not, if you’re the bride the spotlights are going to be on you for your wedding. If this makes you feel a bit self-conscious and camera-shy, don’t worry. There are methods to camouflage what you don’t like, and yes…in certain instances there are even ways to fool the camera. Here are some tips:

• Use waterproof makeup which is made with ingredients that repel water. The first step for face coverage is to ask your make-up artist for water-proof versions of: primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder and lipsticks or lip stains. Primer helps makeup go on evenly and prevents creasing and caking of your foundation. Waterproof, cream-based blushes tend to stay well pigmented on the skin and last throughout the day. This is in contrast to powder blushes, which may need reapplications.
Wearing waterproof mascara is also essential. It is good for standing up to light perspiration or minimal watering of the eye.
• Airbrushed makeup and mineral makeup also stand the test of time and heat. They also tend to have a more natural look. An added bonus is that most mineral makeup lines tend to provide both UVA and UVB protection for your skin.
• Always have some pressed powder or oil-blotting papers on hand to freshen up your makeup. A critical area for touch-ups are the eyes; since natural oils produced by the eyelids can cause eyeshadows to pool in the creases.
• Observe proper posture: always try to be aware of creating height in photos. When sitting or standing, try to maintain a straight back with relaxed shoulders (this requires some practice); keep your tummy in and wear your best smile. However, avoid sticking your chest out!
• Use your bouquet effectively—The majority of photographers will recommend that when you pose with your bouquet you rest your lower arm softly against your hip bones. This avoids the unnatural look of brides trying to angle their hips away from the camera. Close-up photos may require you to hold your bouquet above your waist; and for full-length shots, you can try holding your bouquet below the waist.
• Knowing your “best side”—If you’re self-conscious about your double chin, how a particular side of your face looks, or a particular type of angle (for example, a side profile photo), be sure to let your photographer know in advance so that he/she can suggest solutions.
• Ask your photographer to shoot during early morning or late afternoon, in order to give your skin a softer and warmer tone.