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Open Air Photo Booth

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Magic Moment Photo Booth offers Open Air Photo Booths.  Our Open Air Photo Booths are usually combined with Gifs, Green Screen, or Step & Repeat Backdrops.  These popular social / interactive upgrades are a great option for your Open Air Photo Booth.   Attached is a picture of what our open booth looks like.   Reserve your photo booth from us at Magic Moment!

Social Media Photo Booths Chicago

Saturday, January 9th, 2016



Social Media Photo Booths are a great way to enhance your photographic brand activation via social sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more!  A great way to reach and connect with your fans, clients, and branding your company via imagery.   Our booths are able to be branded, images printed out are branded, and your whole social media campaign can be branded through our special social media photo booth software.  We are Chicago’s leading Social Media Photo Booth company.  Please contact us about your social media photo booth needs for your corporate and social events.



Wedding Photo Booth Chicago

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Magic Moment Photo Booth is proud to provide the best wedding photo booths in Chicago, IL. We have the most elegant photo booths that fit in perfect with your wedding event décor. They are the most technologically advanced photo booths in the market! To top it off we have amazing customer service and the most attentive photo booth attendants. We are the “go-to” photo booth company for Chicago!

Make your wedding a hit with our Magic Moment Photo Booths!

The Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2015

Friday, January 9th, 2015

1. Wild West weddings
If previous years were all about farm-to-table fare and beautiful barns, 2015 will welcome the era of the Wild West. Namely, rustic ranches and lots of leather accents. Jenna Bush Hager was ahead of the curve in 2008 by holding her wedding at Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas.

2. Peace, love and macrame
Music festivals have inspired laid-back events that use kitschy details and earthy settings to set the romantic mood Chicago Photo Booth.

3. Drone and Go-Pro wedding photos and videos
Photographers are taking advantage of new technology for creative aerial shots the couple will cherish for years to come.

4. Bridesmaids duties are now covered — by apps!
Allow apps to help with the small stuff, like TaskRabbit (for all the little to-dos), TouristEye (for planning the honeymoon) and Uber or Lyft (for rides to and from the venues).

5. Food installations
Foodies rejoice! Your favorite part of the wedding party is now taking center stage in elaborate displays like beer gardens, doughnut dessert walls and hanging salad stations.

6. Modern brides dare to ditch the dress
When fashionable celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Solange Knowles choose chic separates or stylish jumpsuits over dresses, you can be sure a trend will follow suit.

7. Unexpected wedding venues
While traditional churches and catering halls have their perks, unique spots like museums, castles or even caves are becoming popular.

8. Pantone’s Marsala makes a statement
Pantone announced that a deep Marsala red would be their Color of the Year and weddings are taking notice. The royally rich color is popping up on everything from the bridesmaids dresses to invitations.

9. Three-time costume changes for the bride
Some brides choose to wear a second dress to their after-party, but Winikka says that now there will be brides who pick a third dress for yet another part of the day. It’s like their own mini-awards show!

10. Formal affairs make a major comeback
Casual weddings have become the trend du jour, but affairs that are staying formal will go to the max. Think opulent details like champagne towers, Cinderella castles, valets or even crowns for the new Mr. and Mrs.

A Tavern’s Photobooth Prank Goes Viral

Friday, November 14th, 2014

LOS ANGELES — The pranksters at Denizen Co., a social media firm, joined up with Los Angeles’ Ham & Eggs Tavern to get a spooky jump on Halloween, and some media attention. They came up with a photobooth in which patrons are scared witless when any number of cosplay creatures suddenly appear in a drop panel behind the booth’s bench. A portable variation on the carnival’s haunted house, the Haunted Photobooth appears to be a hit with customers. The resulting video of shrieks and screams has gone viral. Who says coin-op can’t attract attention in street locations?

Tavern Photo Booth Prank Goes Viral


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Snoop Dogg crashed the Hindu wedding of Joseph Scheller and Neesha Ghadiali at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown Chicago on Sunday, and took photos with the couple. The rapper was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel while in town to perform at the North Coast Music Festival.

Allusion Photography, hired to photograph the wedding, said that Snoop Dogg stopped by the celebration to congratulate the couple and temporarily join in on the festivities, taking pictures with the couple he later tweeted and posted to Instagram.

Allusion Photography said the couple was glad for the unexpected guest, as the groom and his mother are both avid fans of Snoop Dogg.

Bride-to-be’s stunned reaction captured after her boyfriend proposes in a PHOTO BOOTH

Monday, August 18th, 2014
Matt Taylor, 32, shocked his girlfriend of six years Becky Kidner, 28, by producing an engagement ring seconds before the old-fashioned photo booth bulb began to flash.

The perfectly-timed photos taken in the booth show bride-to-be Miss Kidner’s shock – then sheer joy as she accepts her boyfriend’s surprise proposal.

The snappy couple, from Shipley, in West Yorkshire, were enjoying a romantic weekend away in Manchester when Mr Taylor planned his unique proposal.

The second strip shows the Bride-to-be coming to terms with her surprise engagement  The second strip shows the Bride-to-be coming to terms with her surprise engagement [MERCURY]

Miss Kidner, 28, explained: “Matt said he was taking me away for the weekend to Manchester, which we nicknamed Romanchester, I did think for a moment ‘I wonder if he might propose?’ but then quickly thought no.

“I thought it was just for a nice weekend away.

“I knew one day we would get married, but that moment in particular was a complete surprise”.

Mr Taylor had chosen the location of his proposal after the couple, who work together at Leeds University, discovered a shared love of photo booths when holidaying together in Vienna, Austria.

Miss Kidner said: “There’s something about the black and white old photos which we both love, and being able to look back on these moments in time and reminisce.

“Since we realised we both share a love of them we have to have our pictures taken whenever we see a booth.

“We were both quite emotional for the rest of the day, calling our family and getting so many lovely responses from all our friends and family was overwhelming.

“Everyone is so happy for us, and we’re super happy”.

The West Yorkshire lovers have been together for a little under six years, after meeting through an online dating site and braving a first date in a pub in Leeds, on September 3, 2008.

Miss Kidner recalls their first meeting: “Our original plan was to go for a casual coffee, but having been at work all day and being nervous we decided to go for an alcoholic drink instead.

“I’m an artist so I showed him some of my drawings, and he let me listen to one of the tunes he’d made.

“We really hit it off and conversation flowed very well which was great”

Miss Kidner and Mr Taylor are now set to get married in September next year, and have already started to save for their big day.

Mr Taylor said: “The day of the proposal was a bit nerve-wracking, there was even a moment when I thought I was going to be rumbled.

“In the end I can’t believe how well it went, the photo strip came out so well that people think it looks staged but it really isn’t.

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Becky, I can’t imagine a life without her”.


Looking through the perfectly timed photo strip of their engagement – it’s clear that whoever is picked to be the couple’s official wedding photographer has a lot to live up to.

Photo-booth time machine as couple take pics each year, from dating to children

Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Rental Chicago Photo Booth

Rental Chicago Photo Booth

This is what selfies looked like before the mobile phone – taken in a public photo booth chicago.

This couple posed for their first photo-booth snap in 2000 and, despite having a growing family on their hands, has squeezed into one of the boxes each year since.

Giles Paley-Phillips, 36, and wife Michelle, 32, use the passport-sized photos to chronicle their relationship, from dating to marriage.

Mr Paley-Phillips said: ‘We feel like different people yet the same somehow.

‘My feelings for Michelle are stronger than ever.’

The couple, from Seaford, East Sussex, now include sons Elijah, seven, and Sonny, five, in their snaps.

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Slow Motion Video Booths Are The Best New Wedding Trend

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Slow motion photo booth chicago

It’s official: We are totally and completely obsessed with slow-motion video booths.

Sure, photo booths are great and who doesn’t love hanging those cute, little picture strips on the fridge? But the slow-motion video booth is way more dynamic, allowing guests to be a lot more creative (Be honest: How many times have you done the obligatory “Charlie’s Angels” photo booth pose?) and frankly, looks like a lot more fun!

With Magic Moment Photo Booth Slow motion booths. The strips still print out and you get the best of both worlds combined. Chicago, Madison, and Los Angeles

5 Tips for Photobooth Posing!

Monday, May 5th, 2014

We all know the potential fun to be had in a photobooth, whether traditional or the new, open-air style. A group of people get together, in front of a camera, with some random props…how could you NOT have fun? But do a quick search on photobooth pictures over the years and what you start to realize is that a large majority of them look the same. And that’s understandable because, for the most part, when you get in a photobooth, everyone expects to make a few faces, wear a few random articles of clothing, and pose!

Now we’re not doubting that people have plenty of fun doing that, or that the resulting pictures are fun to look at. But what if you could have an experience that was not only fun and produced decent pictures, but were unique and creative?! So that even people who don’t personally recognize the people in the picture respond with, “wow, that’s such a great idea!” or “wow, the timing there is perfect!”?

The following are a list of 5 simple tips that we’ve compiled after many, many events of running a photobooth, aiming each time to come out with images that would go beyond the traditional photobooth pictures and have the extra “wow” factor. If you’re going to be running a DIY photobooth, hopefully this helps you get the most out of your guests as you man the booth. If you’re just reading this in case you happen to pop into a photobooth yourself sometime soon, hopefully this gets your creative juices going too! Here goes:

1. Pay attention to DETAILS

When running a photobooth for an event, say a wedding, with several hundred guests and a limited number of props, its only a matter of time before guests run out of things to do with the props available. You’ll get your fair share of fun pictures with those and the typical poses (and that’s fine!) but to take it to another level, keep your eyes peeled for details in your surroundings. This includes on people (clothing, accessories, etc) as well as at your venue/location (centerpieces, table settings, utensils, etc)

For example, in a group of people, do they have something in common? Maybe a color scheme? a similar or consistent article of clothing? all guys, wearing ties? all ladies, with fancy shoes? does everyone have their cellphone on them? or even something as simple as a wallet? take advantage of that! Try to use them in non-standard ways for great pictures. Use them to tell a story! (more on that in #4)

the tie mafia!

If you’re at a wedding or birthday party, are there items that the host has placed in the decorations that can be used as props in interesting ways? This is often a great way to, not only use these “props” creatively, but also to add personalized details to the pictures that will remind the hosts of details–such as decorations & party favors–that they spent so many hours preparing for.

we’re your biggest fans!

When you keep your eyes peeled for details like this, everything and everyone becomes a potential prop and idea for a great capture!

2. Run with their PERSONALITY

When you direct people in a photobooth, its important to take into consideration the personality of the people you’re working with. Are you younger or older? outgoing or a little more shy? are they athletic (enough, say, to jump or even throw people)?

Some people are just bundles of creative energy and you’re able to just kind of sit back and watch the great ideas flow! Others need a little bit more input (or even prodding) to open up with some crazier ideas. Start by letting them try and idea/pose or two on their own and get a feel for what kinds of things they produce.

boys with attitude!

Try offering little suggestions to what they’ve got (more intense facial expressions, more believable actions, more interaction, less pose-y, etc). If they seem open to direction, break out some of your crazier ideas! For this purpose, we’re constantly brainstorming ideas for new poses, stories, and ideas, so that when we come across the right kind of group in a photobooth, we’re ready to go!

hey, check me out!

Remember that great, crazy picture ideas are somewhat relative. If you can get normally reserved grandparents to open up and get just a little goofy, success! By taking the personalities that come and helping them to kick it up a notch (even if it is literally only one, little notch!), chances are you’ve got yourself a shot that will be remembered! Who knows, they may even come back for more!

3. Take advantage of NUMBERS

With the new photo booth designs these days (especially with open-air photobooths), its not uncommon to be able to squeeze in anywhere from 1 to even 15 people in a single photobooth shot! The question now is how to most effectively use those numbers for great shots! A few suggestions:

Smaller groups and couples (2-5 people) offer a lot of potential for simple, clear, fun interaction between people. Its easy to direct them saying, “I want you to do this to her!” or “Everyone jump on the count of 3!”

Medium sized groups (6-10 people) starts to get a little trickier. Action shots, such as everyone jumping, are more out of the question due to the potential of injury or an unwanted kick to the leg! Rather, shots that direct your attention to a specific person, such as “Everyone cheer for the bride and groom while they kiss!” or “Carry this person and act like he’s incredibly heavy!” are what makes the picture “WOW” worthy.

oh, my heroines!

Large sized groups (11-15 people) are definitely a challenge, but well worth it when everyone in the group is willing to get a little crazy and all participate in on the fun. This is where expressive faces and everyone doing the same thing come in handy. “Everyone stick out your hands and say ‘ROAR!’” or “Stick out your tongue and try to touch your noses,” all make for hilarious shots that make the group want to do more!

we are teens, hear us roar!

4. Don’t pose, DIRECT

Another way to put it is, “don’t just take a picture, tell a story!” While random action can be lots of fun, often the best photo booth pictures are the ones where your eye is drawn into some action or flow of thought and leads you through the picture as you follow the “storyline”.

Imagine yourself the director of a very simple movie. Rather then tell each person exactly what gesture to make, what facial expression to have, with the exact timing, try giving them a “story” or “concept” that they can take and run with. Then, all you need to do is capture at the right time! (here’s where digital technology helps!)

A couple simple examples, “You three kids are really mad at your parents, so mad in fact that things are about to get out of hand. And you parents are helpless, scared, cowering! Ready? Go!”

You three kids are really mad at your parents, so mad in fact that things are about to get out of hand. And you parents are helpless, scared, cowering! Ready? Go!

“Ok guys, I want you to pretend like you’re on a rollercoaster, about to go down a steep drop! Ready, go!”

Ok guys, I want you to pretend like you’re on a rollercoaster, about to go down a steep drop! Ready, go!

“Alright, I want you to let out your years of frustration by slapping her, while you are just shocked that this is happening before your eyes!”

5. Show me the ACTION!

Just because a picture captures a single moment in time doesn’t mean that picture itself needs to be of a static pose! You can never go wrong with injecting a bit of action into a shot! Whether its faking a move out of a video game,

faking a move out of a video game

tossing a poor guy high up in the air,

tossing a poor guy high up in the air

or even the tried-and-true, coordinated jump,

the tried-and-true, coordinated jump

getting people moving around with some fun action always brings up the energy and fun, and leaves you with some great captures!

So there you have it, 5 simple tips for posing people in a photobooth. This list definitely isn’t comprehensive, but hopefully it gets you started with some different ideas! If you’ve got some ideas that we didn’t mention, or would just like to share some of your crazy photobooth pictures, we’d love to hear them! Send them to!

And of course, if after looking through these suggestions, you’d like to leave the posing for YOUR event up to the pros, we’d love to hear from you about being a part of your special day!

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