360 Video Booth

360 Video Booth

360 Video Booth

Put your guests at the center of the universe and with our 360 photo booth rental chicago.

Create 360 Videos with guests standing on the platform and a camera mounted to a rotating arm captures your guests in 360-degree slow motion.

Guests can get creative, pose, or have plain fun while our 360 Booth captures every frame from a rotating 360-degree angle and creates a high-resolution video for guests to share instantly.

Let our 360 Video Booth capture every single moment of your event!

360 photo booth


An addition to your 360 photo booth is digital effects. These effects can be as simple as slow motion, or as complex as jump cuts and color changes. Our team will take your experience to the next level with the addition of video FX.  This is the ULTIMATE 360 Photo Booth Experience.

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