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  Seemingly gone are the days of disposable cameras at the guest tables of an event. Forget the hassle and cost of printing and sending images to your guests, now you can print photos live from your event straight from Instragram and Twitter! Hosts and guests can all take their own photos with their cell phone cameras and print them …

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Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Photo Booth

Photo booth rentals continue to be popular at all kinds of events and celebrations and Magic Moment Photo Booth, Based in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA, we offer a variety of photo booth rental enhancements to make the photo booth experience more fun and enjoyable.  One such enhancement is our green screen technology. Magic Moment Photo Booth has carved out a …

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Vintage Photo Booth Full

“The Photo Booth – Still Strong After All These Years”

As technology continues to progress at alarming rates, it seems like more and more of the items we once knew and loved are becoming obsolete. More advancement, unfortunately, often leads to some of our favorite items being phased out. From cassette tapes to film cameras, the playing field is always changing no matter the industry; including wedding and event services. …

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Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Rentals: Tips for Reserving a Photo Booth for your Next Event

Photo booth rentals are great for all kinds of events from a birthday party , to a wedding, and corporate function just to name a few. Weddings are the most popular setting for a photo booth rental and a top entertainment feature for guests. Ultimately though if you are having any kind of party (whether big or small) a photo …

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Best Props

The Power of Props

Nowadays, we get our pictures taken so often. With an abundance of cell phone cameras and the consumer accessibility of high-end SLRs – the magic of getting a picture taken is not quite what it used to be. Almost each and every time we go out there is someone with a camera ready to capture the moments. The pictures are …

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Corporate Branding of Photo Booths

Company Branding & Photo Booths

The magic and fun of the photo booth never fails to attract attendees and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. So, why not incorporate your brand into this experience? The booth is the perfect way to attract potential clients to your company and pair your brand with the lively and merry memories created within the booth. Unlike many other marketing strategies, …

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Best Photo Booths

We provide the BEST! Photo Booths!

When many people consider a photo booth company, they often overlook the actual quality of the equipment when shopping between brands. As with anything else, not all photo booths are created equal and each and every piece of equipment should be up to par. From the most important elements like the camera, all the way to the outside enclosure, each …

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Magic Moment Photo Booth Wedding Wire

Our 40th! 5 Star Photo Booth Review

We would like to thank everyone for the success we have had in providing you a truly great service, fun, and memories that last a lifetime.  With our our clients we would be nothing and we truly appreciate the business that you have provided our company with.  We love entertaining you and your guests with our Photo Booths and we …

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Bridal Show Chicago Photo Booth

Today Magic Moment Photo Booth was at the Chicago Bridal show at the Westin Michigan Avenue.  The turn out was amazing and it was the best show we have been to and yet to do.  The atmosphere and the vibe of all the guests and vendors was amazing.  We had a great time communicating with prospective clients and explaining our …

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Magic Moment Photo Booth Chicago

Photo Booth

Photo Booths are all the rage these days. More and more people are turning to photo booth rentals as a go to source for entertainment and excitement at their events, and for good reason. Photo booths bring smiles to peoples’ faces while perfectly capturing the essence and beauty of that joyful moment in which it was created. Some of life’s best …

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