Corporate Event Brand Marketing Photo Booth

Corporate Event Brand Marketing Photo Booth.  Let us help you go viral! Utilize the fun and entertainment of a photo booth and convert it into a marketing tool. All of our booths easily allow for instant social media uploading and sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. The power lies in just three words – SHARE, TAG and LIKE. Once the images are online, your brand is exposed to each guest’s entire social media network. Just a few photos can increase your brand’s reach by thousands within minutes!

The numbers don’t lie. Using Facebook averages for a 200 person social event; there would be approximately 80,000 first impressions and 450,000 second impressions. This equals a total exposure potential of 500,000+ people! Just sit back and relax while the booth and your guests do the work. It’s never been easier.

Long Term Exposure

We offer total booth customization. Our equipment can be personalized in order to best represent each client’s brand. We offer custom backdrops, photo booth decals and watermarks featuring your own logo or brand name printed on the photo strips. Each photograph will tie your brand to guests’ positive personal memories. Your brand will leave the event with each guest, where all their friends and family will see the brand images both in print and online.

Branded photographs create a greater chance for exposure after the event. The secret lies in the personal connection. People often throw away promotional materials but very few people will toss a photo of themselves, let alone one of them having a good time. Would you?