If there is one thing that is easy to notice it’s that photography is never just about the clicks and the smile. First, let me clarify, yes it is about the clicks and the smiles (or lack thereof) but most importantly photography is about freezing a moment into an image. It’s digitally turning your reality into this timeless piece of electronic memory that you will go back to over and over again in the future.

Trust me, a good photography team like magicmomentbooth.com would be the crew you would want running your event photography. They have a dizzying array of chic, pricey and high quality gear for photography. This talented team goes all out, to deliver for you the best photography output ever.

Beyond the dazzling equipment and crew you need someone with an eye for the unusual. A camera crew that have a talent for capturing the mundane and amplifying those simple but priceless moments of an event. That is what separate a world class photographer from the merely good ones. Photography is about capturing moments, more than it is about capturing poses.

Having been in the photography field for a long time, the Magic Moment photo-booth team, have such an excellent crew with a range of talent across the photography industry. They deliver variety, quality and options from static photo booths, covering event photography, hashtag printing and designing Slo Mo photos.

And guess what, they have the clientele built from these years of experience. From top brand watchmaker to chocolate manufacturers and coffee houses and even brand name German car automakers.

The Chicago area has an all year round sunny climate which makes it favorite wedding destination, and also a tourist port of call; and don’t count out the locals who want to snap their photos in the numerous iconic photos that populate the state. Magic Moment Photo Booth team have always been there to click these moments away for them.

When your event is over and done, in the weeks after and the months after what truly remains are the quality photos that froze those priceless moments. In this case the one thing you should never have to compromise on is the quality of your photography team.