This year has started more of a trend in the photo booth industry based upon Groupon or newer companies getting into the business. We receive more and more calls from people last minute saying that their photo booth vendor cancelled on them and will no longer be able to do their event. This stems from a huge price market saturation in the photo booth industry currently going on. A lot of companies have been popping up and thinking it is a quick way to “get rich”. What they have done is started a price war on sites such as Groupon or living social. These prices have been so low that the companies have actually been losing money on events trying to “gain future business”. What is happening is now they know that they can’t turn a profit / or afford to pay for staff and this in effect leads to cancellations and so forth. When choosing any photo booth company make sure you choose one with lots of reviews. We all understand that price is always considered in any decision when you purchase or rent anything, but don’t let that be your end all / be all decision. It is better to pay a little extra and know that the company you hire will show up for your event. Especially when it comes to weddings or corporate events. You can’t sacrifice quality or no shows because these are the upmost important events. Weddings you have one time where all of both of your families come together and celebrate your marriage. And for corporate events the branding and marketing aspect of imagery is the most important currently. Think of Facebook or Instagram… I am sure you know.

When it comes to choosing your photo booth vendor make sure you make the right choice. You don’t want to regret it. Photo Booth prices shouldn’t be under $500 at the very least. And if they are. Then you most likely be sacrificing service, camera, staff, cancellations, or no shows. Be careful!